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Monday, May 3, 2010

One guess

as to what we did today…

Ben 13 months 805

Ben 13 months 804


Ben’s hair get crazy whenever it gets wet.  I decide to utilize our apartment complex’s pool. We pay for it so we might as well use it. It was nice and warm (low 80’s) and I don’t think I could have anticipated the amount of fun Ben would have.

He literally ran towards the pool. Not a place I can go to relax. Of course, he wanted me to help him in and out, let him jump from the side, and motorboat him around. I don’t know who is more exhausted, me or Ben! I couldn’t get pictures but I will have to get Ryan to come next time. I could use the extra hands, lol.

Ben has become extremely active these last couple weeks. I am so glad that I keep him busy with swimming, Gymboree, play dates and park visits.  I see more and more of Ryan coming out of him everyday. I have heard horror interesting stories about how much energy Ryan had when he was a kid. Ben definitely inherited that gene from his father!

The good news is:

active days = inactive nights!

And now I need to add swim lessons to our list of activities!

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