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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting out

Ryan and I had an enjoyable weekend. We got to go out!! Don’t get me wrong, I love being with Ben during the days, it’s just nice to get out and see my friends and have an adult conversation.

My girlfriend, Megan, offered to come up and babysit Ben for the day and I jumped on it. Thank you Megan!! It’s hard for me to leave Ben with anyone. I just feel like no one knows him like I do and no body can do as well as me. I think most moms feel that way but I am getting over it. It was nice to have Ryan to myself and to catch up with old friends. Plus, I know Ben enjoys playing with new people!

We went down to Isleton to celebrate one of my girl friends birthday. It was SO good to see my friends most of them are my sorority sisters.

Ben 14 months 150Afterward, Ryan and I went to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. We had a delish meal followed by an even yummier cake. Happy Birthday Nonni!!

Ben 14 months 170  Ben 14 months 172

The Xopenex seems to be doing the job, I’ve already noticed a reduction in Ben’s cough. Let’s hope it continues to get better!

Please continue to keep the Jones family in your prayers. Sweet, little Conner is in his final weeks if not days. My heart aches for their family. Sarah, has started to make funeral arrangements and the cost is enormous. A fund has been started to help off-set their funeral costs. If you can help out at all, I know the family would appreciate it. Click below to donate. Thank you!!


  1. Ryan's grandmother looks so young!! I'm glad you two were able to get out and have some adult time. I think it makes you that much better of a mommy (or daddy) if you feel refreshed and can't wait to get back to your little man!

  2. Thanks Margaux and Ryan for making the trip out for my birthday! Means a lot ;). Hope you had a good time, and hope to see you soon!!



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