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Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash me! Friday

Flash Me! Friday is today (obviously) and the theme is refrigerator. While I was taking a picture of ours…

Ben 14 months 200I caught a funny story. But that’s to come. Our fridge is a mess so I’m not showing you the inside. One of the drawbacks of renting, is a small fridge. Ours is covered in invites, schedules, pictures and fingerprints. Some are at Ben’s level so he can grab them.

Want more Flash Me! Friday? Head on over to the Groettum Family’s  blog!!

Here is the funny story I caught:

Ben 14 months 193Ben 14 months 194Ben 14 months 195Ben 14 months 196 Ben 14 months 199Ben 14 months 197Ben 14 months 198

Looks like bottle brushes taste nasty :)

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