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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You got it!

Okay, 99% of you agreed that yes, Ben does look like this little guy. Who is he? He would be my now 17-year-old brother, Weston. Personally I think they look a lot alike and it comes down to the eyes and hair. It's fun to hear people say, "wow, he looks like Weston". I never thought my own child would look like my brother, ha!
I was supposed to get my laptop back today but there was miscommunication between Ryan and I over it. I am getting my computer back but it won't be fixed. It costs more then it's worth to be fixed so I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm going to try and get the last couple months worth of pictures off of it. Luckily, I backed up all of Ben's pictures from his birth except for the last month. Total bummer. I use the computer multiple times a day to pay bills, blog and stay sane as a SAHM. We'll have to figure out what the plan is...
Next week is Ben's 12-week clinic appointment. He'll be recultured and checked out. There is really nothing too new, I'm going to have them teach me to listen to Ben's lungs and will pray for a clear culture. I am taking Ben to the Pleasanton clinic for this appointment. This will be our first time seeing our whole team with an official appointment not just getting recultured. This clinic truly is closer and more convenient for us to go there however, we'll have to switch pulmonologists. We love our current one and am not sure if we are ready to switch. I always figured we'd switch at some point and this will be our trial run for me to make the decision. Lots to think about.
By the way, Happy December!! Am I the only one who is completely taken back that it's already December?!

1 comment:

  1. Total bummer about your computer. Maybe a new one from santa or in the new year sales??

    I'm totally overwhelmed it's december, however as we have two weeks off now doing Sophie's IV's, we are actually managing to get a lot of festive things done which I honestly don't know where we would have fitted them in otherwise!

    Good luck for the appointment and cant wait to hear how you get on.

    Hope all stays well with Ben.

    Take care


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