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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dovewood Court

To say that Ben likes Christmas lights would be untrue. To say Ben loves Christmas lights would still be untrue. To say he’s utterly obsessed would be more like it. He even gets excited when he see’s lights that aren’t on!

In Orangevale, there’s a neighborhood that does extreme Christmas lights every year. The ladies from my playgroup let me in on this little secret a couple weeks ago, and last week Ryan and I decided to take Ben.

It’s been cold especially at night so we bundled up and walked around.

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 092

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 095One of my favorite pictures :)

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 099Of course, our little man sniffed out the train display and wouldn’t leave til he pointed out all the parts (engine, tender, caboose).  

We had a blast just walking around hanging out with our little man. I think we may try to squeeze in one last trip before Christmas.

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 100 There was a Thomas/Mickey display that Ben couldn’t get enough of.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That looks amazing!!! I love Christmas lights, always think everywhere looks so dark and bare when they are taken down.

    Great pictures, if I don't get the chance again, hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and New year :) xxx


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