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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reason # 3,489

Reason # 3,489 why my husband is amazing. No, this isn’t going to be a sappy love post, I just have to give him some props. By no means do we have the perfect marriage or life but we always strive to put each other first in our marriage. Even if it means doing things we may not want to do.

My husband does things for me all the time. The latest? Christmas lights on our first home.

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 076

(do you notice my sidekick that insisted on being in the picture?)

Don’t they look awesome?! Ryan knows how excited I was to get them up so he tackled the project last weekend. He spent 4 hours in the cold and on the roof, putting them up because he knew I’d love them. And I do. He even put them around our front door.

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 075 Every woman deserves a husband like mine. Don’t mind the over grown plants. That’s his next project on the Honey-do list :)


  1. Love the lights! Is that your new house? It looks really nice. We move into ours in January. You must be so excited to be in there in time for the exciting?!!!

  2. Looks great!! I'm sure you guys are enjoying your new home...especially decorating it for the holidays!!

  3. Looking lovely! He's definately a keeper Margaux :)

    Your house looks really fab, I cant remember seeing a pic of the outside before?

    Re facebook - I have an account but don't use it, looooooong story however you may email me on and I will pass you my proper email address :) It would be nice to have a good 'chat'.

    Take care


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