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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hyper Sal

Ben was put on Hypertonic Saline (HTS) early this year until we were admitted to the hospital in early August. Hyper Sal is similar to inhaling salt water and it can be hard on some people. When we were in the hospital, I saw how well Ben did taking the Pulmozyme versus the Hyper Sal so I asked to be switched.

Pulmozyme has been going pretty well. Of course, Manny has those days in which he fights his treatments but its significantly less then with the Hyper Sal. I had refilled his prescription of Hyper Sal before we were admitted so I’ve had a months worth of it sitting on our shelf. HTS has a long shelf life so I wasn’t too worried about it going bad.

Recently I have decided to add it back in at night in an effort to keep as healthy as can be during the winter/flu season. There are a lot of CFer’s not doing so well this time of year and I am VERY thankful that we haven’t been hit too hard *knock on wood*. I have been more careful about bringing Ben around large groups and have been even more diligent with hand washing and disinfecting.

The first night we started back with the HTS Ben coughed a lot. Coughing is a good thing. Coughing means mucus and other respiratory gunk is being moved up and out. But as the days have gone on, he coughs less and less and I hope to make it through the winter with little to no illnesses.

Thanksgiving & Ben 21 084


  1. We're all hoping for that too Margaux! Go Ben! Keep it up! <3

  2. Yeah, that's what happened when we put Azer on on Hyper Sal about a month ago. The first day, he coughed so much I was wondering if it was a mistake. But, gradually he coughed less while it was running, and now he doesn't really cough much at all. That plus Flovent cleared up the wet cough he had for a few months.


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