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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

I hope everybody had a great fourth of July. We sure did! The weather was beautiful so we ran errands in the morning and went over to our good friends, BJ & Ashley’s in the afternoon.

Little Man is a bit out of sorts. I think he is suffering from allergies- runny nose, red, watery eyes. The only reason I’m thinking allergies is because he doesn’t seem to have a cough associated with it. So for now, I’m giving him some Benadryl and will give it a couple days.

We bought Ben a fun sprinkler toy to set up in BJ and Ashley’s backyard. We were so excited to finally try it.

Ben 15 months 127Ben had the best time running around the yard in his diaper, dancing to the music and playing with their two dogs.

Ben 15 months 130  Ben 15 months 139

One day, when we own a home, we are going to get a dog. Ben had the best time just chasing them around and getting excited whenever they came near him.


Ben 15 months 143 Ben 15 months 153

Ben 15 months 150 Ben 15 months 148Our family picture, fourth of July 2010

IMG_0966Our family photo, fourth of July 2009. We have celebrated fourth of July with BJ and Ash, the last three years.


Fourth of July will always hold a special place in my heart. It was exactly two years ago, I had my “last hoorah”. After three days filled with beer bonging, inner tubing and wakeboarding, I realized I hadn’t yet gotten my period.

It was two years ago, I was sitting on my bathroom floor, staring at a digital home pregnancy test, waiting for the blinking hourglass to turn.

It was exactly two years ago when that little blinking hourglass turned into the word pregnant.

It was exactly two years ago that I closed one door and opened another. And I haven't looked back once.

Ben 15 months 156


  1. Obviously white v-neck shirts are my tradition...

  2. Hi! Saw your blog link on another blog that you commented on and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a fellow CF mom. My little guy Bryce (24 mo) was diagnosed at 3 weeks. Like shock to our family as there was no family history. Looking forward to keeping up with your family.



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