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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cheering up

Yesterday was a long day. It was emotional and physically exhausting. I was on the phone all morning, updating everyone on what was going on. Thank you to everyone who emailed, called or texted me about Ben. We already have a list of visitors!

Ryan could tell that I needed some cheering up- insert the fair. It was exactly what I needed. The weather has cooled down so it was the perfect night to take Ben. He had been to the doctors earlier, getting caught up on his vaccinations.

At the fair we saw animals

Ben 16 months 063 Ben 16 months 067 (he’s waving to the chickens, adorable I know)

Ben 16 months 065

Ben 16 months 074Ben 16 months 075  We ate greasy fair food

Ben 16 months 055now, this was my favorite part. I love fair food and so does Ben. The giant corn dog was perfect for him! He just munched on it while we pushed him around. Ryan and I also indulged in a beer or two. After the day we’d had, we deserved it!

His favorite activity by far was the pony ride.

Ben 16 months 085He wasn’t afraid at all and even managed to squeal with delight.

Ben 16 months 078   Ben 16 months 081This pictures shows just how excited Ben was even while we were waiting in line

Ben 16 months 077  On our way out, I convinced Ryan to try and win Ben a goldfish by throwing ping pong balls into little tiny goldfish bowls. Something he really didn’t want to do. So we agreed that he would try 8 balls for two dollars. Surely, we couldn’t win a fish with just 8 balls?!

Ben 16 months 089 Nope we didn’t win a fish. We won two. Meet Carl and Philip. Ben is now the proud owner of fish.

Ben 16 months 098 Ben 16 months 092 Let’s just hope that Sailor leaves the poor things alone.

Ben 16 months 095I’ll update more about our hospital stay as I find out. Of course, I have a ton of questions and I hope to get them answered soon. 


  1. awe, ben looks so big on the horsey! yay for fish! What a great nite after the stressful day. Keep your spirits up! Your little ben will come out of this visit with flying colors! And if your anything like me, I'm sure he will be spoiled beyond belief during his two weeks in the hospital! Hugs and Smiles!

  2. these pictures really captured the moments!
    i LOVED getting corn dogs and the bag of fish at the fair.
    ours is in 2 weeks and you have motivated me to go and win a fish for skye.
    i love the pictures of both of you, such great chemistry through them all!


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