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Monday, July 19, 2010


We are saying goodbye to our TOBI treatments!! Today is our last day and I’m pretty excited. As I thought, Ben just needed a break. He returned to the treatments just fine. At the end of each treatment we would clap our hands and praise him. He even got to the point where he would see me coming with the neb in hand and walk over and sit in my lap. He does his vest without any complaint either. I am one lucky CF momma!

On Friday, we’ll travel down to SF to our usual 10-week clinic appointment. They’ll weigh him, listen to his lungs, discuss his eating habits and take a culture. A couple days after that, we should know if he got rid of the p*word. Maybe, if the amount growing has gone down significantly, they’ll say we could try one more month before we go into a hospital visit. We’ll have to see.

Ben is now saying “nigh-nigh” before he goes to bed. I tell him its time for bed and he starts waving at everyone (including the tv) and starts walking to his room. He says nigh-nigh and will play in his crib quietly until he falls asleep. Again, I am one lucky momma!

Ben 16 months 017 Snuggling with “Bunns” and “Mr. Giraffe” before he goes to bed.


  1. I hope that dreaded p word is GONE!
    He is too cute to have to worry about that non-sense!! I hate these dang bacterias! GRRR!

  2. Hey there, glad to hear that the tobi is done and that he finished those last ones like a champ. My daughter (23months) cultured that dang p bacteria when she was about 5 months old. we did 3 courses of inhaled tobramyacin and finally with the 3rd course we added in oral ciproflaxin and wollla! no more nasty p bugs. She hasn't cultured it since - I don't know if you have tried cipro - and I know there is a lot of contraversry with it's affects in toddlers/infants but we were comfortable with how our doctor explained things to us and it seemed to do the trick. Just another option before the dreaded hospital stay that you could discuss with your doctor possibly.

    Good luck with the appointment - Hope all goes well! :)


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