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Monday, July 12, 2010

Update #3

Manny’s cough is slightly better. He is still coughing during the day and during his vesting but not so much in between. I called our nurse practitioner (NP) and she said that we just need to wait it out. He’s on inhaled antibiotics (TOBI) and oral (Bactrim) so there is really nothing more we can do. They aren’t too worried about his cough, he did have a slightly irritated ear when we were in last week so she said it could have also turned into an ear infection.

Seeing Ben take so long to get over an illness has really opened my eyes. He isn’t fully vaccinated because I didn’t think he needed all that medicine at once. But I have heard on the news that Pertussis, the whooping cough, is coming back because parents aren’t vaccinating as much. This really scares me because our clinic told us that Ben could possibly die if he caught the whooping cough.

Ben has been vaccinated for the whooping cough but not for others. However, I made an appointment to get him all caught up today. It just isn’t worth it to me. With CF, Ben just can’t get over a cold as easy as healthy people. This is why Ryan and I have been adamant about people being vaccinated before they are around him for long periods of time. I thought we were protecting him enough by asking the people around to be vaccinated but now I realized he needs to be too.

I know this is a hot-button subject and I am not trying to start an argument. I have been on both sides and I just want what’s best for Ben. We are just doing our best to raise a happy, healthy little boy!


  1. I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying here. I didn't even get a chance to be hesitant about the vaccines because Rad was sick sooo much in the beginning. My issue was the constant perscribing of the antibiotics. I would call the clinic because I KNEW he was sick, but then when they told me they were going to call in a perscription I was like..Well just hold on, maybe he's not "that" sick..Can we wait and give it another couple days?? Everytime they let me wait he always got soooo much sicker and suffered longer then necessary and always ended up needing the medication in the long run anyway!!

    Once Radek had psuedo and was hospitalized that was my wake-up call. That is what made me realize he is NOT like other kids and I have to do EVERYTHING above and beyond that I can to keep him as healthy as possible!!

    It's so hard to accept that realization...It's offical and our kids are different! They are stronger, they are fighters and they are AMAZZZINNGGG!!!! :)))


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