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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Culture results

*update: we will be admitted early Monday morning to put a PICC line in him. We will be there 2 full weeks. He will be on Tobramycin and a couple other antibiotics.

Ben is still growing pseudomonas. He will be admitted Monday if not sooner for 2 weeks of antibiotic IV’s at UCSF. I’ll update more as I know.


  1. Oh! Such a bummer!! I am so sorry for you guys!! Let me know if you ever want to Skype while you're there!

  2. Good luck! Those two weeks will fly by! Just keep your head up and make it as "enjoyable" as possible.
    We have came up with some crazy pass the timers while serving our 2 weekers!

  3. In swiper the foxes words "Oh Man" sorry to hear about the yucky culture results. I pray that the hospital stay turns out to be a positive experience for all of you. take lots of stuff for your little man to do. They are no fun at all, but us mama's do what we need to do. your little boy is worth it to keep him healthy. Good luck.

  4. I hope his hospital stay will clear up those pseudomonas! And I will definitely try and pay you guys a visit :)

  5. Bummer, Margaux! I'll be praying for you guys...

  6. Ah...I'm so sorry! Bummer!!! I'll be praying for you guys. It will go by fast...and it's definitely necessary to treat that bug...that's what I always had and still knick it in the bud as much as possible!!! Keep us updated!

  7. So sorry to hear about little Ben! I have been thinking about you guys, and hoping that his culture would be clear! But, as others have said, the 2 weeks will fly by, and Ben will have kicked that PA butt! Hope you and Ryan are okay, sending you lots of positive thoughts from down here in sunny OC! Good luck and keep us posted from the big house! xxx


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