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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ben’s summer cold part 4

Ben’s runny nose is finally gone but he still has a nasty cough. It has subsided a little but it’s no where near gone. This weekend will make it two full weeks that he has had it. I hope for it to be gone soon. His spirits and appetite are normal so I’m thankful for that.

It’s been uneventful around here. I went through Ben’s toys and took some into the used children store, Once Upon a Child. Ryan and I disagree about how many toys Ben has (I think he doesn’t have enough, Ryan thinks too many) but we have come to an agreement that when new toys come in, I either pack up and save the old ones or move them on. Most of the “baby” toys I have put into tub containers and packed away for our next one because we no longer have a baby in this house! So I took in two toys today and some outfits that Ben never wore and I never cared for. They gave me a lousy 8$ for most of the stuff and said they didn’t want the others.

So, for lunch I decided to treat Ben to a milkshake and fries with our earnings. Not the healthiest lunch however he had a healthy breakfast so I didn’t care.

Our next mission is to tackle taking enzymes whole. Right now, I open them up onto a spoon of applesauce but today I saw of video of Radek, taking his like a champ! Ben has taken his whole on a spoon of applesauce but it takes a lot more work so I’ve gotten lazy and have just been opening them up. Well no more! Rad is younger then Ben so I’m pretty confident he can handle it. I’ll keep you posted ;)


  1. Yes...the Rad video has inspired me as well! I was so impressed. My guy is 2 and still does applesauce. If I give him a whole one he chews it, but I'm determined to try harder now. :)

  2. Hope the little guy feels better soon! My trick with Lucy and her enzymes were to give her the empty capsules to play with and practice with a drink before she was even a year old. She was only 14 months when she started swallowing hers. It took a few times of telling her "no teeth" before we got it down! Good luck! He'll be a pro in NO time! :)


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