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Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome home

Last weekend, Ryan went out of town. He was due back on Monday so Ben and I decided (okay, just me) to make a sign for him. Ben was given My first markers for his birthday, and I thought this would be a good first time to use them.

Ben 15 months 105We had three colors that are shaped kinda like an egg so they are easy for little hands to grab. They had no tops so of course, some color ended up other places.

Ben 15 months 111  Ben did a great job holding them. Most of the color ended up on the sign. However, we had a drop cloth and are in a rental so I didn’t mind.Ben 15 months 099 Ben 15 months 107 Ben 15 months 108

In true child-fashion, Ben wanted to play with the permanent sharpie markers that I had used versus his own washable markers!

He repeatedly pointed out the cat and dog on his playmate. He points to the animals and says “this” to which I respond “a cat” or whatever it is he’s pointing to. He loves to go through his books and do the same thing. He now knows what the cow says and the dog. Our little man is going to be a chatterbox before we know it!

Ben 15 months 110We finished our sign which Ryan loved. I enjoy doing projects like this with Ben. It gives us time to bond and enjoy each other. Looks like there may be plenty more signs in daddy’s future!


  1. Cute, I love those markers. My signs always say "Welcome back! We missed you daddy!"...but I cannot let kids help because I am a total micro manager and it has to look a certain way. ;) Maybe Jocelyn will be old enough to contribute after the next deployment. ;)

  2. On a side the last homecoming I attended, I saw a woman with a sign that said "Well Come Home Honey!" She had no children. I thought that was funny.


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