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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ryan is traveling again for a couple days. We always miss him but enjoy some Mommy/Ben time. I try to do more blog postings so he can keep up with what we are doing and doesn’t miss us too much :)

Today, Ben and I went down to the Bay Area to visit my family. My aunt and cousin are up from Arizona and I hadn’t seen my other aunt and cousins in a long time. It had been over a year since we’d last seen them so I decided to end it when my aunt was up visiting.

I don’t think Ben could have had more fun. He loved playing with his second cousins (I think that’s what they’d be to him… first cousins once removed??) and was glad to get some boy time in!

Ben 16 months 052There were legos, trucks, trains, books and boy toys galore. Ben was in heaven! I loved it because it gave me a chance to visit with my aunties.

We also dipped him into the pool. The weather was beautiful, not too hot but just warm enough.

Ben 16 months 041Ben 16 months 043  Ben found this pool shark which he gave multiple hugs to.

Ben 16 months 044 Ben 16 months 045

Can you see his fat rolls on top of his swim diaper? Those make me so happy.

As usual Ben dined on the fruit we had.

Ben 16 months 034Ben 16 months 037Again, gotta love the fat rolls!

Ben 16 months 038  Ben 16 months 039   Ben 16 months 036 We miss you daddy, travel safe!! <3


  1. Seriously, has me laughing out loud...thanks Babe!!

  2. "love the fat rolls" I think that is a mom of a child with cf's happiest moment - to see the chubby chunky monkeys! He looks wonderful and very happy!

  3. What, no pictures of the Auntie and cousins??


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