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Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue light special, isle 5

Ben received an early Easter gift from his Jammi and Boppa (my parents). The Melissa & Doug shopping cart!

ben 12 months 002 I have seen the cart before and told my mom about it. When we were at the mall to see the Easter bunny, we passed by a toy store that just happened to have it :) We went in to “just look” and came out with the cart.

I knew he would love it. This guy, seriously loves to push things. When we attempted church last week, we sat in the Family room, thinking it would be the best place for us. We aren’t ready to leave Ben in childcare yet so we’ve been trying to get church in when we can. Well, we had to leave early because Ben kept pushing the other families strollers! Some with babies in them. He threw a tantrum and that was the end of our church outing.

ben 12 months 005 ben 12 months 003

He’s been scooping up random toys and filling the basket. He even emptied out my kitchen towel/bib drawer.

Junk mail was his latest find.

ben 12 months 004ben 12 months 008 ben 12 months 002

The only bad thing? It’s made from steel and leaves quite a mark when you hit your head on it. I’m sure we have some bruises in our future, lol.

These pictures are probably the last ones you’ll see with Ben having no pants. He has taken to taking his diaper off. Yep, off. Sometimes without me knowing. So today I walk in and he’s standing there with his diaper around his ankles. A dirty diaper if you catch my drift. After a quick bathtub we were good to go. Lesson learned.


  1. That's such a great little toy. I bet it's great for him since he's just starting to walk too!

  2. Too cute...Love how he fills it up with your stuff.


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