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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The good with the bad

Update: Our vest has been ordered!!! It should arrive next Wednesday at the latest!! And even better, our insurance is covering 90% of the cost. The vest costs $14,500, so we are very grateful that they are coving so much. Ben’s vest will be the most expensive thing we own! We are so excited!

Good news on our front. Our nurse practitioner called me to say that the Respitech coordinator will be calling me to start everything for our vest. We’ll do paperwork,  go through insurance and then it will be shipped. We also have to schedule a visit from them, as they will need to come out and show me how to use it.

I also inquired about the new eFlow aerosol system that will cut down our treatment time. It delivers the medicine faster so our treatment time isn’t so long. It takes a long time to clean so some CFer’s don’t like it but I’d rather spend my time cleaning, then Ben’s time doing treatments. I expect a call from their rep any day. So, good news!

Please continue to keep little Connor and his family in your prayers. He is losing his fight to CF at only 7-years-old.

A little Wordless Wednesday for you….

Ben 13 months 076Can you tell I’ve been taking a ton of pics? I have!

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