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Friday, April 9, 2010

Clinic visit

I don’t think we could have had a better day. The weather was gorgeous driving down to San Francisco. We got to our appointment with 15 minutes to spare and were checked in right away. All of our team came in to see Ben and say Hi.

Ben’s height and weight are in the 75-90th percentile!! Woohoo!! At almost 27 lbs, we have no weight issues. In fact, our Dr. said that we can stop any extra “beefing” up of Ben’s food that we do because his weight is so good.  He also said that if Ben keeps growing the way he is, Ben will probably be about 6 feet tall, taller then Ryan (sorry babe!).  This is really good news because they like CFer’s to be over the 50th percentile in weight. Research shows that’s when they have optimal lung function. CFer’s also don’t absorb food as well as healthy people so we are really lucky that Ben has done so well, weight wise.

Dr. N listened to Ben’s lungs and said they sounded clear and good! Another, woohoo! He took a quick throat culture to make sure there is no unwanted bacteria growing and to also make sure we got rid of our pseudomonas.

I think that the best news came from our Respiratory therapist (RT). Ben is ready for the Vest! woohoo!! We have a choice between The Vest by Hill-Rom or the inCourage system by Respirtech.  While I know both vest’s are good, I have chosen to go with the Respirtech. I have heard a bit more positive feedback on this vest from other CF mom’s. Our Nurse Practitioner,  unfortunately was out sick today so she’ll be calling me on Monday to figure out all the paperwork. Our new inCourage system should arrive in 2-4 weeks depending on our insurance and how long they drag their feet.

Thank you to every for all their prayers and good thoughts for us today. It’s working! We are so blessed to have such a thriving CFer!


  1. Wooo HOOOOO! Yay for ben! What an awesome check up! We just recently got the vest from hillrom and love it! I too had heard both were good vests! Good luck with it! I hope he enjoys it as well as our little R. enjoys hers! Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Hooray!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news! Happy for the weight - Happy for the vest!! So great!


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