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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are good and bad addictions going on in our house.

Besides my love affair for my Sookie Stackhouse books, I’ve taken up a new habit. One I haven’t been into before.


Soda. Ugh.

I have never been a soda drinker beyond a sprite here and there. But lately, I’ve found myself drinking them more and more to put some spring into my step. I don’t drink diet either because the artificial sugar gives me headaches. Nope, I’m fully addicted to the “fat coke.” I’m going to attempt to wean myself with some sweet tea from Trader Joes but I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I even find myself craving them. Ugh.

However, there are some good habits going on too! I’m proud to report, my little man is into a good habit. Two days ago, we visited a friend who introduced us to Ella’s Kitchen Organic squeezable food. Ben gobbled it up so I decided to head on over to Babies ‘r’ us to try some different flavors to see which ones he likes. I had hoped he would like the vegetable ones, especially the spinach, apples and rutabaga mix. I had hoped some veggies with his dinner would counteract the milkshake/fry combo we had for lunch.

Now, Ben doesn’t like veggies (besides peas and he only eats them for my mom) when they’re placed on his plate. Who really does? But this is a fun way he can get his veggies and even walk around doing it! Besides an initial puss-face (hadn’t tasted anything like that in awhile, ha!) he sucked the entire thing down. My next attempt is the sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apple, blueberry mix.


You can check out their many products HERE. I’m glad one of us has a good habit going on!


  1. How interesting...I am so going to have to try these out because Bryce refuses to eat anything green. I can get him to eat sweet potatoes, carrots and corn, but if it's green he isn't into it. Oh, and I have a habit myself - Mt. Dew. It's like heaven in a can. I used to drink them daily, but over time I got myself down to 2 per week and I enjoy every last drop. ;)

  2. Ugh I'm with you. Aspartame gives me a headache! Think of how much money you could put into "savings" if you kick your coke habit!

  3. Diet coke here! *shamefully raises hand*.

    Definately could be much worse, the addiction I mean. Try not to collect anymore by the end of the month :D


  4. I'm going to have to try those too! Alex says "no way" to veggies so I started hiding them in food (Deceptively Delicious has good recipes) but I'd like an easier method of force feeding my son.

    I kicked my coke habit a few months ago but seeing that glistening can makes me want a sip!



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