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Friday, January 7, 2011


I thought my New Years resolution was a good one. I wanted to get out and exercise. To give Ben some fresh air, and new sights.

But why did I have to do it during the coldest month of the year? It has not been over 43 degrees here, even during the day (I know Jen, I’m a wimp).

Yoga pants? Check

Leggings under yoga pants? Check

Knee high socks over leggings? Check.

T-shirt, sweater, jacket, mittens, scarf? Check

Ben, barely able to move, let alone see (all the new sights remember?) out of the mass of layers I put on him? Check.

Still freezing? Check!

At least I got some “quiet” time to myself. Ben has been literally climbing up the walls lately and it felt good to zone out on my ipod.

Mother Nature, please show me some mercy. I’m trying.


  1. Hopefully the weather warms up so you two can enjoy time outside! :)

  2. Oh,I would love to have temps of at least 43 right now. We got up to low 30's the other day and I took all the kids out to play in the 4 feet of snow piles we have! I could deff. go for 43 and a little less snow, or some better city removal of the snow at least.

    Good job sticking to your goal, even if it meant freezing.

  3. lol - love this post! soooo true!


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