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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggy friend

I just wanted to ask you guys to pass on some blog love to my dear friend Cassie. I have known Cassie for many years as we grew up in the same town and our moms worked together. Months ago, Cassie’s daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Having gone through my own prenatal diagnosis, I reached out to Cass to let her know I had some what of an idea where she was coming from. I encouraged her to start a blog because  I know it can be healing on so many levels. But most importantly, it let’s you know you’re not alone. I am SO thankful for all the CF mom’s I’ve met online and I hoped the same thing for Cassie.

Now that Audri is a few months old, she was able to get one up and going and I’d love for you to stop by and show her some love.

Her story is incredible and Audriana is just the cutest little thing. Thanks readers!


  1. I'll add her to my follow list. There is an amazing blog I follow called "Enjoying the Small Things" written by Kelle Hampton. Her daughter was born with DS just a year ago. Amazing blog, amazing writing and photos. Check it out...

    It will quickly become one of your favorites. I'll pass the link on to your friend as well.

  2. Thanks Margaux! You are the best. Give Ben a kiss for me:-)

  3. We're following too, she IS adorable and so so cute!

    Hope you guys are all well?



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