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Monday, January 3, 2011


The holidays blew by before I got to share Ryan’s special gift from Ben Smile I decided to take Ben to Color Me Mine just after Thanksgiving. I was hoping he’d paint a piece of pottery for Ryan and my parents.

However, I wasn’t sure if Ben was at the appropriate age so I asked the women who worked there before we decided to attempt it.


We did attempt it and I’m pretty proud of how it came out. Ryan is the proud owner of his first “daddy mug” that Ben painted all by himself. I love giving gifts like these. Ones that have meaning to them. I know it’s a gift Ryan will cherish forever.


  1. I love things like that, definately a keep sake.

    In response to your questions :)
    1) The pregnancy was very much a surprise, not a planned thing, but we were happy about it. I'm still very unsure whether we would 'try' for another one due to the obvious risks however, we were going ahead with the last one before the miscarriage if that makes sense :) If a happy accident happened again then to me it would be a sign of meant to be. How do you guys feel about having more children?

    2) Cayston is known as Azli over here and it isn't in mainstream use yet, so currently not an option for us to try as still trialling it I think. Due to soph culturing pseudo on and off since she was 6 months of age and for the last 6 months, it has shown on every culture despite iv antibiotics and eradication programs. It is very much here to stay now. Luckily not causing any trouble at all for her currently.

    3)The gene therapy trials are where they are trying to get a working copy of the faulty gene directly into the lung, so effectively it would cure CF. There are other areas of the world working on this also. This seems to be more years off than drugs like VX 809 etc, it has shown very promising results on human tissue in the labs etc but they are struggling to find the right way to deliver the gene therapy directly into the cells and have been looking at inhaled meds by using a virus or liposomes. They are trying these methods as we all know how well a virus can take hold and enter the cells well and liposomes are a fatty substance that coats the cell walls really well and this helps the gene therapy enter easier. Currently doing human trials now. If you'd like to know more let me know and i'll send you on some links.

    Take care xx


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