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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An addition

I’m making an addition to my New Year’s Resolution. I need to get out and exercise more. While I don’t struggle with weight issues (please don’t hate me) I need to get out and get fresh air. Plus, I need to dust off my super-expensive-but-it’s-so-big-it-barely-fits-in-my-trunk-therefore-I-never-take-it-anywhere stroller.

Before I know it, it’s going to be summer and WAY too hot for me to be walking around. I know Ben would really enjoy a fresh air walk, I just have to get my butt up and moving. Easier said then done.

I’m also passing on a prayer request for my friends, the Olimb family. Like us, Rachel and Jeremy didn’t know they were carriers until their three-week-old son, Asher, was diagnosed with CF over three years ago. Rachel gave birth to the family’s second son, Paxon, Christmas morning. Unfortunately, Pax was born with CF and a deletion on chromosome 4. He fought hard for 11 days but was called home today. You can read more about their sweet family here:

1 comment:

  1. :( Aww .. Paxon.

    Ha ... I DO struggle with weight issues. Your dang gorgeous. Jogging strollers are so easy to push, but every stroller I've ever owned is big and bulky. Well ... that and most strollers I had were double strollers.

    We walk in the park everyday for about 45 minutes.


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