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Sunday, January 9, 2011

At least one

At least I’m keeping up with one of my New Years resolutions up-turning off the TV or less “screen time”.

I admit, I’m a die hard True Blood fan ( I know, I know, but it’s the ONLY vampire show I watch, I swear). I’m even classified as a “fangbanger” online. I wear that title proudly.

I have gotten into the Southern Vampire Mysteries, the Sookie Stackhouse books. I admit, I wish it was something more profound like, How to raise the next President, but after all the energy I expel with Ben all day, it’s a mindless read that I enjoy.


My husband is such a sweetheart that he went to REI and bought Ben and I gloves to wear during our walk. I guess I have NO excuse to not get out now. I think that’s a good thing Smile


  1. I love True Blood too, we're all entitled to one addiction ;)

    We deal with intense stuff everyday so it's a good release to have something a little more light to distract our crazy CF mom brains!

    Way to go Ryan! No excuses now hun!


  2. I read the books first, then I was turned on to TrueBlood. Love them all. We all deserve a mindless pleasure.

  3. Sorry the the post says annonymous. Not sure why, I am not embrassed I like Eric & Bill!! ha ha - Crystal Clark

  4. Love it!! lll have to see if they have these on NOokBooks!! Anyone know when True Blood season 3 is on dvd???


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