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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello, again

Today, we said hello to our Pleasanton clinic. Friday night, Ben had a low grade fever. It went away by Saturday morning but was soon followed by a dry cough. Well, that cough has gotten worse as of yesterday so we headed on in today for a culture.

Our clinic does not just give out antibiotics. They want to see him, listen to his breathing and do a culture to find out if anything is growing in his little lungs. This is a GOOD thing. Too often I see CFer’s getting handed antibiotic after antibiotic without going into further detail or examination. This is not necessarily good for a couple reasons. One, different bacteria requires different antibiotics. If you don’t know what’s growing in our little CFer’s lungs, how can you properly treat it? Two, I don’t want Ben being filled with unnecessary antibiotics that aren’t treating the problem. Three, I don’t want Ben growing resistant to antibiotics. He’s going to be taking them throughout his life and the last thing we need is for him to build up a resistance to certain ones. Four, you don’t want antibiotics covering up a bigger problem that may be going on. They may treat the symptoms but not the overall problem.

I have a refill on Bactrim for emergency cases such as, we’re out of town or it’s a holiday weekend.Our clinic trusts me enough to know the signs of possibly needing it. However, we haven’t had to use it yet because I like to give Ben a couple days to get over the cough himself.

While being in the car for three hours and missing our Gymboree class is not fun, I am thankful our clinic handles Ben’s care this way. Once again, Ben receives the best care because I refuse to settle for anything less.

Now we just keep our fingers crossed for clean results or results that can be treated with oral antibiotics. I am not letting the dreaded p-word enter my vocabulary just yet.


  1. fingers crossed for a great result. we go in friday to see if we got rid of IT.

  2. Our fingers are crossed for you too! We just got that dreaded call saying my little peanut grew it again. It's stayed away for 2 years and is now back :( We are bummed - but ready to treat it and make it dissappear. Good luck to you guys!

  3. Matthew is almost 13 and hasn't cultured the p word yet. I'm still not ready to hear it :)Fingers crossed that he is still free of it.

  4. Hey hun, keeping everything crossed for a clear culture, hopefully just a little virus that will leave the party swiftly!
    Soph isn't 100% at the moment either, can't decide if it's a viral nasty, a pseudo flare up or the change in treatments. CF is doing my head in right now!

    Hope all clears up soon, take care x x x


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