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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Culture update

Unfortunately, Ben’s culture was not ready as of yesterday. That means, I have to wait until Monday to see if there’s anything growing. We are no longer given preliminary results after our last “pseudo fake out”. While the wait through the weekend stinks, the fact that Ben’s cough continues to improve, keeps me going.

RespirTech was mortified and apologetic over the fact that the brand new vest they sent us had a hole. They have overnighted a new (black!) one to us and am asking that I put the old-new one in the box to return. They will take up the issue with their manufacturer. They seemed more upset about the hole then I was! At least they have wonderful customer care.

We were supposed to go out of town for to celebrate Ryan’s grandpas 94th (can you believe it?!) birthday but another family member became sick so we decide it was best for Manny and I to stay behind. Looks like we have a weekend full of movies and PJ’s. The weather is cold and dreary and I can’t think of a better way to spend it with my little man.

Because there haven’t been any new pics of Ben in awhile, I’ll leave you with one.


Sharing his snacks with his pillow pet and yes, we are still wearing our Christmas PJ’s!


  1. Love the PJs! We are still in our christmas PJ's too!

  2. Does he love his pillow pet? I wanted to get M one of those. Just curious since we are waiting for our culture results too- What are preliminary results? Our clinic mentioned the same thing to us..that the early results would be available...and then confirmed later in the week. Can you clarify that? I remember reading abotu your previous blog when they messed up the results. Hoping for great results...we will be anxiously waiting too next week. ;)

  3. We wear our Christmas pajamas in July!


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