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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A solution

A solution to my own question. Well, somewhat of a solution.

Over a year ago, Ben’s Papa & Nana (Ryan’s parents) gave him a talking bear, My Pal Scout from Leapfrog. Ben loved it but has slowly lost interest in it over time. Every once in awhile he’d play with it but not like he used to.

Well, I was racking my brain this morning for ideas that will help him sleep in his own crib during naptime. That’s when I spotted Scout.


Scout was perfect! It gave Ben something to concentrate on while I slipped outside. I had to laugh though, while I listened to fake burps (teaching kids manners), lots of “I love you, Benjamin” and singing coming through the monitor. At least it gave me an afternoon hour of quiet time. I even managed to slip in his room and pull it out of his crib while he was sleeping. Don’t want him rolling over on Scout and setting him off. As you can tell, nap time is highly coveted around here but I think, only by me. Let’s just hope it continues!


Thank you Nana & Papa!


  1. I'd love to see pictures of your nursery/Ben's room! It looks so cute!

  2. I missed your last post! But I doubt i'd be much help. Sophie stopped having daytime naps at about a year old. Yep, she's awake and bouncing round from about 8 until anything up to 10pm!!

    We did have issues at night time but we just left her too it and after 15 minutes of screaming she usually gave up and fell asleep. Now she happily collects her snuggle toys at bedtime and runs up the stairs.

    I feel this may not last for long though :)

    Glad you have found a solution and I hope it continues so at least you can have some 'you' time.

    Take care


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