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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A question…

Well, in good news, it looks like Little Man’s cough is starting to subside. This really makes me happy to see and hear. While I’m not convinced there’s nothing going on, it is good to see it going away. I’ll call in tomorrow to see if his culture results are in.

And now, I have a question for you. I ordered Ben the next vest size up. He now wears a RespirTech size 24. I decided to order him the new blue vest that I had been told about at CF Education night.. It came in a timely fashion however, I was disappointed to see it already had a hole in it. It split at the seams, not a good thing for a vest that fills with air. Ryan also seems to think the blue is too “girly”. So, I have to ask….


is it too girly? I may just ask them to send us the standard black. Maybe the hole was a blessing. A blessing that my son doesn’t have to feel “girly” while doing treatments.


  1. Sounds like Bryce and Ben are on the same machine! I would send it back for sure since it has a hole and definitely go with the black. :) It is a little on the "girly" side, but putting that aside I think the white and light blue are going to show dirt a lot easier than the black. Not that the kids are eating and drinking while on the vest (that would be sight), but just typical daily wear and oils from the skin touching it.

  2. I must admit that I saw those at the National CF Convention and thought they were 'too girly'! Aidan is all boy and there is no way he would wear it at age 6...I also think they seem more cheaply made or something. We're sticking with the black!

  3. It is a bit pastel. My 7 year old son would probably cope with it, since he's typically not seen during treatments.

  4. It does look more geared to a girl? Can't help with the full vest issue as we don't use here, but I have read elsewhere about the newer coloured ones damaging easily so maybe a design problem?

    So glad to hear bens cough is settling, sophs is still going great guns and had to start antibiotics :( still awaiting culture result but hoping for nothing new to show up.

    Take care and keep us posted on hopefully a clear culture for Ben xxx

  5. wow... I guess my boy just isn't old enough for me to know the difference. I didn't think it looked "girly" at all! However, if it is not holding together as well as the black one, best switch back. Good to know for me in the future :)


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