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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where did my good sleeper go?

Ben has always been a great sleeper. While he’d prefer to spend his time playing with cars, he’s always been easy to put down, even as a baby. Since he was little, we’d put him in his crib, turn on music and say goodnight. Easy-peasy. Something I clearly took for granted.

Yesterday, he refused to nap. When I first told him it was time to nap, he had a melt down. Not like him. Yes, I have to tear him away from his toys but it usually means he gets to go upstairs, snuggle with “Bunns & Girafee” and his paci. So when I took him upstairs and put him in his crib he went into a fit and cried for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes I could no longer leave him in there. It was breaking my heart to hear him cry especially since he hardly ever does. I took him into my room, snuggled up next to him and he was gone within 2 minutes. Of course, I was so comfy, I settled in for a nap too (I’m glad I don’t usually sleep with Ben, he’s a kicker!).

I figured it was a fluke or his teeth were hurting him. He’s in the middle of having 5 teeth come in. I can only imagine it’s painful even with all the remedies I’m giving him. Anyway, I thought it was a fluke. Until today. Same thing again. Meltdown. Cried for over thirty minutes this time. I was determined not to give in because I don’t want this to become routine. Ben’s nap time is my down town and I cherish it to say the least. However, I couldn’t let his cries go beyond a half an hour.

I know he’s tired because, once again, he fell asleep next to me within 2 minutes. Ugh. Do I have a permanent nap buddy? Of course, I feel asleep again! I was reading until I woke up when Ben did with my book smashed and drool coming out the side of my mouth.


Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this cutie?! Any suggestions would be helpful!


  1. Wow- sounds IDENTICAL to Madeline. Madeline use to LOVE to go to bed as a baby and slept so soundly- just like Ben. Then about a month ago, she did the SAME thing. nightime and naptime brought major screaming fits. I tried to ride them out but they didn't work. She would try to gag herself she was soooo upset. I had never seen anything like it. Oftentimes, I am able to rock her to sleep in our glider that I never used for her as a baby because she was THAT good. She lays against me and sometimes falls asleep for naptime or nighttime. We also found that putting on a blues clues (she loves it!) dvd or baby einstein with the sound muted would help distract her from the crying. It doesn't ALWAYS work though. Sometimes she will get immersed in those dvds and stop crying after 5 minutes or so. And my husband and I got sooo tired of her getting upset everytime she went to sleep...that we did a bit of sleep training. I will go into her room after a few minutes of her standing and crying, pick her up and lay her back down and say "night night" she screams and bounces back up reaching for us. Then repeat it again. I will somtimes rub her head and back for awhile. It is so important that you don't pick him hard as that is. Eventually, she got a TON better. Now sometimes all i have to say when she starts crying is "night night" and she immediately lays down and stops crying. SHe waits for me to rub her head and stand over her for awhile while she watches her dvd on mute. AT most I have to do that sequence twice...and she usually falls asleep. I know EXACTLY how you feel because i was like WTF go to sleep?! I realized how spoiled we were when she was little. It really is all about separation anxiety. Out little babies are growing up more every day ...and their little minds are becoming more and more aware of fears and separations. Good luck. I hope you find something that works!

  2. HI Margaux, fun times hey! I experienced this with our first boy - Jack! LIke Ben, he was a rockstar sleeper, then boom, would only nap if I went with him! Like you I succumbed for a few days, then thought better of it! I did not want this to become a regular thing! So, I made sure we had very busy mornings, mostly playing outside, a big lunch, then a book then bed! And it worked! I think he cried for the first few days, but I ignored him - I am a big fan of self soothing and routine, so I think this helped get him back on track! I honestly think it is an age thing too! They are getting smarter and are trying to gain control! I also noticed that if he was teething or sick it was more likely he would be more clingy. Good luck! I hope Tom who is approaching this age and stage decides he loves his sleep too much!! x


I love hearing from you, thank you!

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